At the centre of the Foundation’s endeavour is the improvement of the quality of life of people in need and the inclusion of the marginalised class into society and its social and economic system.

We want to support projects based on local customs and ethical values which we comprehend and share. We wish to contribute to the development of the individual as well as groups and communities, giving them the capability to freely determine their path in life and thus integrate themselves into society.

We believe that social and economic well-being are inseparable and are dependent upon one another. Good health, as well as knowing how to read, write and calculate, is the basis for any successful economic development. Having the freedom and the knowledge to participate in economic exchange, in turn, creates the foundation for a democratic society. Political and economic stability as well as self-sustainability can become a reality and thus provide a life of dignity also for the poor and underprivileged, a life of peace for all.