Since inception in December 2001, we have initiated 52 projects throughout the world. We successfully handed over 20 of our projects and 19 projects are still active. 13 projects were discontinued. The reasons for abandoning a project are various; they range from corruption, local mismanagement, theft or a dangerous local situation. 

Most experiences were largely positive and gave us the motivation to continue our activities. People living in what are for us unthinkable conditions, without water, not enough food and seemingly no future, found meaning and a purpose in their lives. The projects transformed despair into hope, desolation into commitment.
Machismo, ignorance, malice, deceit and corruption, brutality and ideological dogmatism are constant irritants that have to be overcome, but at the same time laughter, happiness, unity, pride, enthusiasm and belief serve as constant motivators to press on and hope for a better tomorrow.

By the end of 2018, the activities of the Ameropa Foundation have reached about 85’900 beneficiaries.

  • More than 6’000 jobs were created.

  • More than 51’300 children, adolescents and adults received an education or learned a profession.

  • Elderly people were housed and help to needy families was given.