As residents of prosperous, peaceful and democratic countries, we realise how privileged we are and feel obliged to share our wealth with those less fortunate than us.

In December 2001, Ameropa formalised its philanthropic activities and founded The Ameropa Foundation. The Foundation supports humanitarian, educational and agricultural projects mainly in developing countries. All projects are structured and managed by the Foundation directly, but implemented by local employees or local partners. The Foundation engages in a long standing commitment with its partners. We do not believe that a real change can happen quickly, in the contrary, our commitment is based on a long term strategy.

One of our projects has been exhibited at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg as part of the exhibition “Building Optimism” (it was one of 10 chosen projects). From Sept 2016-Feb 2017

Watch the video on the Arena do Morro by two Chilean film-makers Felipe de Ferrari & Diego Grass that was realized especially for the exhibition: